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release date and more rumours

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is only six months coque iphone 8 rose old, but that’s a long time in gadget years. Now our gadget addled minds are turning to what Samsung has planned coque iphone 8 silicone apple for its fourth S series mobile.

Such is coque iphone 5c bordeaux the merry coque iphone 6 paris saint germain march of progress, and as time stands still for no man (or mobile), here’s everything we’re expecting to see from the Galaxy S4, including news, specs and an educated guess at possible release dates.

Android and Samsung enthusiasts should bookmark this page, as over the coming months we’ll be regularly updating it with fresh leaks, images and industry navel gazing.

Samsung hasn’t yet breathed a word about a follow up to the Galaxy S3, except to deny rumours that the S4 coque iphone 4 minnie will be coming out in February. The Galaxy S2 and S3 have proved extremely popular however, with Samsung recently boasting that it coque iphone 4s fleurs had shipped 20 million S3 units. In other words, unless Samsung suddenly becomes allergic to money, you can bet your bottom button it’ll be releasing a follow up next year.

That’s good news, because Samsung’s last few mobiles have been among the best Android phones ever created, with the coque huawei y6 pro 2017 noir S2 and S3 both proving worthy alternatives to Apple’s planet consuming iPhone.

What will the Galaxy S4 look like

The Samsung Galaxy S3 looks very different to 2011’s Galaxy S2, with a coque iphone 5s rabat luxurious curved style that was a marked departure from its blocky predecessor. As such, it’s hard to guess what the Galaxy S4 will look like, but there are a few coque iphone qui bouge clues to be gleaned.

5 inch, 440ppi screen

The 5.5 inch Galaxy Note 2 has proved popular, so expect to see coque iphone 4 chanel cigarette coque de protection anti choc huawei p20 pro Samsung increase the display real estate from the S3’s 4.8 inch screen.

Samsung recently dropped a massive hint that an as yet unnamed phone with a 5 inch, 1080p display is on the horizon, due coque huawei p20 pro rugby to be revealed within the first three months of the year.

No home button

The S2 coque iphone 6 pour 6s and S3 have both featured a physical home button underneath the screen, even as other mobiles such as the HTC One X or Samsung’s own Galaxy Nexus ditch a central key in favour of touch sensitive options. The Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2 are all eerily thin and light too, so les coque iphone 6 count on Samsung’s coque iphone 5 pistolet next spigen coque iphone x flagship phone being even skinnier, and weighing practically nothing.

Unless miracle materials are discovered deep within the Earth’s crust or mined from asteroidswithin the next year, that means the Galaxy S4 will coque iphone 4 captain america probably be made of plastic, like the S3. The thought of a high end smart phone with a wrap around display certainly tickles our fancy créer sa coque iphone 4s though no harm in hoping, ehBoth the S2 and the S3 sport 8 megapixel cameras, and while they’re both decent coque iphone 7 kenzo pas cher smart phone snappers, coque huawei p30 pro vitre the thought of beefing that sensor up to one that’s a little more potent is a welcome one.

Rumours to that effect have emerged, and it wouldn’t be the most outlandish development, but we’ll still need to wait until we have it in our hands before we know for sure how decent a camera the next Samsung flagship will possess.

All sorts of weird and wonderful features are bound to be rumoured for the Galaxy S4, but to be honest I expect Samsung will play it safe with its most important coque iphone 4 rose pale mobile, and release a bigger, more powerful smart phone the kind of procedural improvements we’ve seen Apple make with the iPhone 5.

As mentioned above, we know that Samsung is keen on flexible displays, and I’ve seen some of the company’s coque huawei p20 pro texte transparent LCD panels, which are mouth wateringly delicious. I’d love to see some of this wacky technology inside a new smart phone, but I think Samsung is likely to trial any especially unusual new features in a separate phone entirely see the projector sportingGalaxy Beam, for instance.

I was impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE a 4G capable version of the S3 that is one of the first phones to work with EE’s inaugural 4G network (check out our video review below these words).

In coque iphone 5c d origine 2013, rival operators O2, Vodafone and Three are joining the 4G fray, so a big question for phone shoppers this year will be which smart phones support the coque huawei y6 pro 217 speedier browsing speeds 4G provides.

If the Galaxy S4 works across all the major UK operators’ 4G spectrum bands, that’ll be a major selling point, especially as that’s not something the iPhone 5 can currently claim (Apple’s latest mobile will so far only work with EE’s 4G in the UK).

My guess is the S4 will work across UK networks, seeing as Samsung already has the S3 LTE,which will work on every network, including the ones that aren’t even set up yet…

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