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Is a Kaleidoscope of Color and Emotion

It was both critically acclaimed and a dominating force at the box office: It made nearly $358 million worldwide and is one of the most successful anime films in Japan. Abrams’ production company is in the works.

Weathering With burberry coque iphone You does have coque iphone coque huawei nova lite plus 5s maman some commonalities with Your Name. They’re both heartfelt love stories between two coque iphone 6 roger federer teenagers, one of coque iphone rose poudré whom has magical abilities, and those elements aren’t the only thing in the way of a budding coque huawei nova can l11 relationship. But Weathering With You isn’t simply Your Name 2.0, although comparisons between huawei nova 5 coque the two films are inevitable. It’s a more mature story, one coque iphone 6 nuud that doesn’t shy away coque iphone se tablette de chocolat from its darker elements and timely commentary on climate change.

Weathering With You quickly introduces Hodaka, a high school student who runs coque huawei p9 nova away from his home on a remote island for Tokyo but Tokyo coque iphone 6s instagram isn’t anywhere near as welcoming as he hoped. He’s underage, so nobody will even consider hiring him. He’s quickly working his way through his funds, and he finds himself on the bad side of town.

It’s the kind of welcome wagon where coque gel liquide huawei nova the smallest hint of kindness (or sunshine) feels like a bucket of it. Hodaka does get coque iphone 5s fred perry that in both a literal and figurative sense. coque iphone 7 hibou He gets a job working for Keisuke Suga, whom Hodaka briefly met on the way to Tokyo when Suga saved Hodaka’s life, and Hina, who can make the rain stop by coque iphone xr batterie praying.

Focusing squarely on Hodaka and Hina results in coque iphone 6s gamer some other pieces, such as the two detectives on Hodaka’s tail due to an illegal firearm, never quite landing. The film even leaves behind coque iphone 5 transparente en silicone Suga and coque iphone chocolat claire’s his coque iphone panneau solaire niece Natsumi, who gave Hodaka a job, once coque iphone 6 fortnit Hodaka meets Hina. coque iphone 6 ultra fine silicone The huawei coque nova 2 tension that comes to a head in the third act is uneven. The film is sometimes more interested in the end result without too much thought into how coque iphone se canard it got there. It’s also coque iphone dream only somewhat interested in its own lore.

But more often than not, Weathering With You’s emotional weight makes up for what it lacks. It results in something wonderful and well worth the trudge through all the rain…

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