Coque iphone frites Generation iPhone Rumored to Adopt Thinner and Improved Front and Rear Cameras c-coque iphone 6 balmain-jsvxdp

In a new research note, KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo reports that Apple will be making significant improvements to both front and rear cameras on the next generation iPhone, advances driven by a desire to decrease the thickness of the device coque iphone 6 sympa and to improve compatibility with a new 16:9 coque iphone 5s lorenzo display.

According to coque iphone 6s phillipe plein Kuo, the rear camera on the iPhone will remain at 8 megapixels, but the aperture will be increased from f/2.4 to f/2.2 in order to reduce camera module height by nearly 0.5 mm.[A] number of components have required a slim down. The component that will undergo the most dramatic make over is the rear camera. Our coque iphone 7 avec message research shows that iPhone 5 will feature the first ever slimmed ouvrir coque iphone se rear camera of all iPhones, in an effort to deliver coque iphone 5s cat an coque iphone 6 anti stress ultra slim iPhone coque iphone 8 mat 5.

Meanwhile, to enhance photography effects, iPhone 5’s rear camera will feature a coque iphone 6 troll larger f/2.2 aperture than iPhone 4S’s f/2.4. However, larger aperture means more noises. In addition, the reduced thickness means even greater challenges for lens design and assembly, as not only the coque iphone 5s fee clochette lens, but also the voice coil motor (VCM) and CMOS image sensor (CIS) need to be slimmer. Finally, the compact camera coque iphone se dessin module (CCM) suppler, responsible for the terminal assembly, will be confronted by assembly yield.

As for the front facing camera, Kuo argues that Apple’s move to a 16:9 display will drive a significant boost to HD quality for the front camera. HD offers the same 16:9 aspect ratio as coque iphone chelsea the new display, as opposed to coque iphone 6s mini austin the 4:3 aspect ratio of the current VGA quality FaceTime camera, and Apple will likely want to take full advantage of the device’s coque jaune fluo iphone 6 new coque iphone 6 medecin screen. In addition, coque iphone 5 carte moving the FaceTime camera to above the coque iphone 6 plus tumblr earpiece will allow for more centered images, improving the user experience.

The report also indicates that Apple is adopting flip chip packing for the new front facing camera, a process that will result in a thinner assembly and simplify lens production by coque iphone 5 pokémon moving the blue glass filter to the camera module itself.

Kuo has offered accurate information on a number of occasions in the past, relying on sources within Apple’s supply chain to piece together Apple’s product plans.

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