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the sponsor’s name on them are huge," Mr. Wright said. "From a baseball standpoint, you’re looking at a tremendous amount of on screen time and the value would be enormous." Currently only the logos of the apparel manufacturers appear on team uniforms for baseball, football and hockey. Reebok has a $250 million deal with the NBA to make its uniforms, but only the NBA logo appears on team jerseys. Baseball visited this topic on the eve of the 1999 season, when MLB floated the idea of having 1 1/2 inch by 1 1/2 inch patches of corporate sponsors sewn onto team jerseys. That was half the size of the Ricoh sleeve patches for the games in Japan last week. If and when the idea is broached again, however, disputes will certainly arise. Individual teams would not be able to strike their own agreements with marketers, meaning any deal would
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